Finally! A new outfit after almost 43583 years – this has definitely been too long and I solemnly promise that there will be more in the near future.

Endlich! Ein neuer Outfit-Post nach gefühlten 43583 Jahren – das war definitv zu lange und ich gelobe feierlich dass davon wieder mehr in naher Zukunft kommen werden.

Hut Urban Outfitters // Shirt Comme des Garçons // Mantel Zara // Hose H&M // Schuhe Stella McCartney


5 thoughts on “211013

    1. Patrick

      Radke,I’m glad you think so. Yeah, bloggin’ ain’t quite like wrtniig a book or any kind of story. I’ve stuck to short stories so far, and my experience of wrtniig them isn’t anything like blogging. Now, as for wrtniig books, you can say that again. Books are month-long endeavors, many times they’re year-long trudges. I haven’t had the gumption to start one yet it’s too bloody daunting.I understand from reading your blog that you’re wrtniig comic books? Boy, that sounds tough. I liken that to almost wrtniig in poetic form. You’ve got a definite form to work with and a finite amount of words, and they’ve all got to count. Now, that’s tough.Good luck!

    1. Martha

      I found your blog looking for dionrtices on using Japanese clothing patterns – LOL – still not sure how you popped up, but I fell in love with your vibrant pictures, beautiful fabrics and your bicycle. I have a Dutch bike that I absolutely love and ride about my small upstate New York village through rain, snow, and sunshine. Frequently, older people tell me that their mother, grandmother, or spinster aunt had a bike like mine and smile fondly, though my little one’s bike seat adds a definite 21st century accent to the lines.I’ve so enjoyed reading about your family and your craft – thank you for sharing. Robin – RURAL upstate New York



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