When it comes to good designs, the French and Italian know what’s up. So I went a on a little shopping tour through supermarkets and pharmacies and bought a lot of products by Le Petit Marseillais, distilled water with a scent of rose by Manetti Roberts, a supply of Bioderma products and toothpaste by Marvis. Which products do you buy, when you are to the south of Europe?

Wenn es um Produktdesign geht, sind uns die Franzosen und Italiener um Längen voraus. Also begab ich mich mal wieder auf eine kleine Shopping-Tour durch Supermärkte und Apotheken und kaufte unter anderem Produkte von Le Petit Marseillais, destilliertes Wasser mit Rosenduft von Manetti Roberts, Nachschub an Bioderma-Produkte und Zahnpasta von Marvis. Was kauft Ihr Euch, wenn Ihr im Süden Europas weilt?



  1. Marlene

    Hallo ihr Lieben,

    ich mache gerade eine Umfrage für meine Magisterarbeit und bräuchte dafür modebegeisterte Mädels, die sich ein paar Minuten Zeit nehmen, mir meinen Fragebogen auszufüllen. Ich würde mich über die Hilfe jeder einzelnen wahnsinnig freuen!!

    Hier gehts zur Umfrage:

    Vielen Dank im voraus!
    Liebe Grüße,

    Und Franziska, die Sachen sind echt wunderschön! Bei den Sachen von Le Petit Marseillais schlage ich im Urlaub auch immer zu! :)

  2. David

    to promote the upncmiog fight. Many of us saw through this. We were able to see Ali as a person that superseded the sport and stood for an America that did not believe in its own values . And for Joe Frazier as the real Rocky a person that emerged from the most humble of American , and even as an American icon , was not appreciated even in his own hometown. It was this that Ali recognized in his last fight with Frazier . He recognized that they both were pawns of a sort. they had both been used . Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali will always be remembered as the best of what boxing personifies . They both stood for something in the sport that was not yet itself ready to recognize them as equal human beings in the American experience . If I could sit with Joe Frazier before his death , I would tell hem that Ali was more about how black America reflected on the American expedience and this also encompassed Joe himself. But also that Joe Frazier was equally loved and respected in his own right. I don’t think Joe ever realized that . He never knew how much he was truly loved and admired . He never realized that Ali conceded this as well in his own way . As for you Marvis , most who truly understood were shocked and disgusted that your family was disrespected during the uncle tom era thrust on your father and family . We knew who Joe Frazier and family really were .



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