Do you remember the moment, when you first saw the shoes of this spring’s Céline collection? And do you remember the feeling of pure confusion? I do and I still don’t like them. But – according to the quantity of pictures, in which you can see those orthopaedic shoes – Vogue Paris and Vogue España seem to like it a lot. The big question is: what do you think?

Erinnert ihr Euch an den Moment, in dem Ihr zum ersten Mal die Schuhe der aktuelle Céline-Kollektion gesehen habt? Und erinnert Ihr euch an das Gefühl der puren Verwirrung? Ich kann mich erinnern und mag sie nach wie vor nicht. Aber – laut der Anzahl an Bildern, in denen diese Gesundheitsschuhe zu sehen sind – scheinen die französische und spanische Vogue die Schuhe ins Herz geschlossen zu haben. Die große Frage ist: Was denkt Ihr?



  1. Charlotte

    Yes, those pictures are nice! But as many have said in the past…style over trend. This has most definitely nothing to do with style. (in my not so humble opinion). But who knows, maybe one of your future ‘Fran wears’ can convince me!

    1. Mariana

      Like Mma Makutsi’s shoes in the Ladies’ #1 Detective Agency series, my shoes aaltculy speak TO me. My walking shoes frequently say, Jeez, when are you going to lose some weight? Today as I attended a funeral in my black sandals, one of them practically shouted at me, When are you going to buy some decent shoes to wear to a funeral? and next time get a pair that fits properly. My old red suede slip-ons make loud clunky sounds to remind me to step more gracefully. When I was working in the flower patch on my back yard’s side hill, my old garden sneakers yelled, Oh, no! we don’t have any tread left, and we’re slipping down the hill! I do have some shoes that are not as critical, however: two pairs of Land’s End canvas shoes, one in bright yellow and the other in orange. They tend to say things like, Don’t you think I’m cute? or Look at those drab white sneakers over there. I never hear anything very encouraging from my shoes, i.e. Joan, why don’t you indulge yourself with some nice new shoes?

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