The lovely label Konrath von Reumont launched its very own web-shop today. To celebrate this event and also the wonderful christmas time, it’s my pleasure to announce the next giveaway. To win the amazing “l’amour toujours” shirt, which I’m wearing in the picture above, in the size of your choice, you have to become 1. become a fan of Oh Frantastic and Konrath von Reumont on facebook and 2. comment below the following link (NOT HERE!), that you take part. You can enter the giveaway until 26th of december – the winner will be announced the next day on Facebook! Good luck!

Das großartige Label Konrath von Reumont launchte heute seinen eigenen Online-Shop. Um dieses Ereignis und auch die Weihnachtszeit zu feiern, ist es mir eine große Freude, das nächste Gewinnspiel anzukündigen. Um das wundervolle “l’amour toujours” Shirt, das ich im Bild oben trage, in der Größe eurer Wahl zu gewinnen, müsst ihr 1. Fan von Oh Frantastic und Konrath von Reumont auf Facebook werden und 2. unter den folgenden Link kommentieren (NICHT HIER!), dass ihr teilnehmt. Am Gewinnspiel könnt ihr bis zum 26. Dezember teilnehmen – Der Gewinner wird einen Tag später auf Facebook bekannt gegeben. Viel Erfolg!



  1. Claudia

    Amazing t-shirt and amazing giveaway! Thaaaanks!
    I’m a follower of both of you on Facebook :)
    Fingers crossed!

    X x x

  2. Andrea

    I love this shirt. It would be a lovely piece with any style. I already followed you on instagram but you have beautiful style and I love your blog. It definitely inspires. Thank you !

    1. Alma

      I don\’t click on ads ever either. In fact with most sites I make my wdoinw small enough so I don\’t even see the ads. And for those pages/websites/blogs that have the ads running through each page and/or in the middle I sometimes get annoyed with all of it and don\’t read it. I am sure I miss a lot of great stuff because I don\’t read sites with a lot of ads, but to me it is just too much. If you have something you truly want to share don\’t bombard me with ads. If you are just there to make money, then I can get the info somewhere else.My blog is about me selling . . . primarily . . . . so I don\’t think it would be very nice to have content that sells AND ads. So I don\’t do ads. Even though the information I post is stuff I want to share, my main goal is getting the word out about what I do so I think that is enough selling .



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