Jessica Weiss, founder of Germany’s hottest blogazine “Journelles” pays attention to the latest trends and informs her readers on a daily basis. Therefore it’s particularly exciting to learn about Jessie’s current “Frantastic Four”: 1. this pink Chair by Muuto, will hopefully soon grace her kitchen. 2. Lipmix by Mac, a matt, longlasting lipcolour, has according to Jessie the best red lipstick. Another fantastic find are the 3. StickyGram magnets, which will be Jessie’s N° 1 christmas gift this year. One of her best investments is 4. the beautiful “trio bag” by Céline, which she wears every single day.

Jessica Weiß, Gründerin Deutschlands angesagtesten Blogazine “Journelles“, widmet ihre Aufmerksamkeit stets den neuesten Trends und informiert ihre Leserschaft täglich. Deswegen ist es besonders interessant, Jessies aktuelle “Frantastic Four” zu erfahren: 1. der rosafarbene Stuhl von Muuto wird hoffentlich bald Jessies Küche schmücken. 2. Lipmix von Mac, eine matte, langhaltende Lippenfarbe, hat laut ihren Angaben das schönste rot im Sortiment. Ein weiterer fantastischer Fund und gleichzeitig auch ihr Weihnachtsgeschenk N° 1, sind 3. die Magneten von StickyGram. Eines der wohl besten Investitionen ist 4. die wunderschöne “Trio Bag” von Céline, die Jessie jeden Tag trägt.



    1. Manju

      that’s good enough for me! :) It’s also rlelay super easy to make, just like regular banana bread. I used apple sauce to cut down the amount of butter and it makes the cake, er, bread, dense and

      1. Percy

        It’s wonderful. You did a great job. I see PKM fairbc in there! If it were me, I’d choose a medium value fairbc in whatever color you want to ‘pop!” I’d keep it narrow–no wider than your sashing.Have a great weekend!

    1. Angel

      Maria did a fantastic job with our flamiy photoshoot! She came up with great ideas (even on the fly ideas given the unexpected hot and sunny weather) for location and angles. She was great with our 3 month old and really let us interact as us (no awkward poses). It was so much fun to send our cold climate relatives a Christmas card of pictures from a beautiful beach day! We were able to use these flamiy photos in our son’s baby book as well. We are looking forward to hiring her for Jonny’s first birthday party next summer.

    2. Feny

      Hi Ciara, those embroidery books are batedrhtakingly beautiful. To see other’s creations makes me itch to do something for myself. But I’m struggling to find time to keep the house and little mouths fed and homework done. I can’t even find a minute to wee on my own as yet, so the chances of getting lost upatairs to be creative are pretty slim! Annah

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