I really have a thing for this Marie Antoinette inspired make-up. The neo-punk-versaillian look, painted in shades of pastel, was shown at the Chanel Resort 2013 show. The Chanel beauty-spot I noticed in particular, because it’s matches the look perfectly and is very unique. 

Irgendwas habe ich an diesem von Marie Antoinette inspirierten Make-Up gefressen. Der Look – Neo-Punk trifft Versailles – der in Pastellfarben gehalten ist, wurde bei der Chanel Resort 2013 Show gezeigt. Vor allem der Chanel-Schönheitsfleck stach mir sofort ins Auge, weil er unheimlich gut zum Look passt und einzigartig ist. (Bilder via)



      1. Luciano

        I was in a boot for 6 months with a broekn ankle, my right shoulder, neck and upper back were killing me for a long time now. I bought these dots and i swear it feels like a life changing experience. I can sit for over an hour and not tyr to crack, or stretch something. This really is an amazing product. I put a few on my ankle too but it does not work as good as it does on my neck and shoulder area. GO GET THESE


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