notebook Smythson // shirt Acne // clutch Jil Sander // pants T by Alexander Wang // knit Alexander Wang // coat H&M // shoes Acne


8 thoughts on “CURRENT WISH

  1. Luisa

    Das Notebook ist unheimlich schön. Mit dem Outfit würde ich gerne an einem Sonntag Morgen zum Bäcker um die Ecke hüpfen :)

    1. Rachid

      I always advsie to dress the part. For example if your going for the role of a waiter then dress like a waiter, the role of a banker wear a suit, its all helps you visually when we review tapes. Its works for you and not against you. For period pieces though, I’m not saying you have to go dress in full period costume but perhaps wear your hair in a old fashion or a retro blouse etc. Its better than turning up like its Saturday night in Essex!

      1. Nishchay

        Hi Kathrin!So kind of you to answer! It’s all right! i just wetnad you to tell you how much i liked the things you do! i’ll keep on sneaking on your flickr post!! and i can clearly understand the weirdness of writing in an other language.. but i find quite awsome the things you can find (as furniture or ikea.. or etsy.. ) abroad.. i’ll keep on admirating your work and listing all your links and information about interesting pages.. at least for inspiration!Really nice to know of you! Un Abrazo grande!!Luz


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